Giving Up My Smartphone for 30 Days

As usual, an immensely long period of time has passed since I last wrote anything here. Yet, here I am again, looking to express something of my life and feelings in this chasm of a million other writers. Today, it's for a new, yet old problem of mine (an old friend you might say) As... Continue Reading →

God Told Me to Buy a Blackberry

Yes, you read that right. I believe that God actually told me to buy a Blackberry smartphone in 2019, so I did. It sounds weird. Even typing it feels weird. To get the big picture here, we have to go back a few years. See, I sold cell phones for a living in my early... Continue Reading →

Longing for Meaning

As a Christian, do you ever struggle to understand the meaning in your own life? Do you ever go about your day to day wondering why am I doing this? Is this all there is? For a few weeks now, I keep coming back to this. To me, a Christian, this is really frustrating. I... Continue Reading →

Lyric Love: Ben Has a Kid

I decided to start a new "series" today. Not that my others are really hits or anything, but I just thought, "man, I really love lyrics when I'm listening to music... I really get into it and it can really make or break a favorite song for me". So, I thought I'd share it here,... Continue Reading →

The Comeback…Part 2

I set up this site to provide myself with a clear space to be honest and really talk out loud about life, even when it's not pretty. This post makes that a bit difficult, since it's one that's not that pretty. I wrote up an article title "The Comeback" almost 2 months ago, and it's... Continue Reading →

The Comeback…

The last few months have been rough. I have, at times felt alone, frustrated, discouraged, and even abandoned. I don't know if these feelings are valid, but they've been around. I have struggled to understand why I felt this way and what I was supposed to do to overcome, especially when I don't want to... Continue Reading →

Before We Got Married

This post comes with great hesitation, and the knowledge that I am new to being a husband and father, and thus have a very long way to go in my growth in these roles God has given me. Please bear that in mind as you read. I want to share in this post what my... Continue Reading →

When God Doesn’t Answer

While praying for my wife recently, I had a very frustrating moment. Praying and praying and praying, and having plenty of faith the God would love and healing would come. Except, it didn't. I didn't come when I was asking, begging even. The upsetting part of this was not that we didn't see healing, it's... Continue Reading →

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