God Told Me to Buy a Blackberry

Yes, you read that right. I believe that God actually told me to buy a Blackberry smartphone in 2019, so I did. It sounds weird. Even typing it feels weird. To get the big picture here, we have to go back a few years. See, I sold cell phones for a living in my early... Continue Reading →


Longing for Meaning

As a Christian, do you ever struggle to understand the meaning in your own life? Do you ever go about your day to day wondering why am I doing this? Is this all there is? For a few weeks now, I keep coming back to this. To me, a Christian, this is really frustrating. I... Continue Reading →

Lyric Love: Ben Has a Kid

I decided to start a new "series" today. Not that my others are really hits or anything, but I just thought, "man, I really love lyrics when I'm listening to music... I really get into it and it can really make or break a favorite song for me". So, I thought I'd share it here,... Continue Reading →

The Comeback…Part 2

I set up this site to provide myself with a clear space to be honest and really talk out loud about life, even when it's not pretty. This post makes that a bit difficult, since it's one that's not that pretty. I wrote up an article title "The Comeback" almost 2 months ago, and it's... Continue Reading →

The Comeback…

The last few months have been rough. I have, at times felt alone, frustrated, discouraged, and even abandoned. I don't know if these feelings are valid, but they've been around. I have struggled to understand why I felt this way and what I was supposed to do to overcome, especially when I don't want to... Continue Reading →

Before We Got Married

This post comes with great hesitation, and the knowledge that I am new to being a husband and father, and thus have a very long way to go in my growth in these roles God has given me. Please bear that in mind as you read. I want to share in this post what my... Continue Reading →

When God Doesn’t Answer

While praying for my wife recently, I had a very frustrating moment. Praying and praying and praying, and having plenty of faith the God would love and healing would come. Except, it didn't. I didn't come when I was asking, begging even. The upsetting part of this was not that we didn't see healing, it's... Continue Reading →

The Letters

Hello everyone! My name is Matt. I'm a fairly simple guy that loves Jesus, and sometimes I struggle with doubts and skepticism. These doubts can range from God's love for me, His control over the world (including my life), and even to specific theological topics like predestination and the Trinity. I decided to start this... Continue Reading →

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